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About Us

Welcome to TWC Coatings and Installation, a proud division of TerWisscha Construction Inc., an established company with roots dating back to 1963.

The Evolving Marketplace

In response to the evolving needs of the market, TerWisscha Construction Inc. made a strategic decision in 2021 to launch a specialized division focused on flooring,  equipment and wall protection installation within pet care facilities.

Guided by a vision of excellence, we welcomed Jeff Adney, a seasoned professional in the pet care flooring industry, to our team. With his expertise and dedication, we embarked on a journey to establish TWC Coatings and Installation as a leading force in the field.

Utilizing our own seasoned carpenters, TWC has successfully has successfully delivered a growing number of epoxy and equipment installation projects for both our own internal design build projects as well as those just looking for our expertise in integrating flooring and kennel installation -showcasing our commitment to quality and precision.

Our reach extends across North America, with our headquarters situated in Willmar, MN. At TWC Coatings and Installation, we take pride in delivering top-notch services, ensuring the longevity and functionality of flooring and equipment in pet care facilities. Explore our portfolio and discover why clients trust us for their coating and installation needs.

Stamp of Approval

Pet Care Facility approved flooring.

Our Granite flake system is the #1 approved system for Pet Care facilities – 20 plus years and counting.


Seamless, non- porous monolithic resinous floors.

Complete seamless floor to wall junction.


Slip resistance coupled with easy clean-ability.

Texture adjusted on demand.


Functional yet decorative.

Little to no maintenance required.


Installed by our own manufacturer certified installers.

100% solid resins means little to no odor and VOC free = no solvents.

Finishing & Coating

Long-Term durability.

Can be used throughout entire facility. 

Mold, mildew, bacteria resistant. 

Animal Care Flooring & Install

Turn-key installation of our specialty coatings designed specifically for the animal care industry.

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